Quality Vehicles – Modified for your individual needs!

At True Mobility, we recognize the importance of remaining part of the active world outside of your residence. Whether your needs are personal or for a loved one, we have the right accessible vehicle to keep you moving in comfort and style.

You can choose new vehicles with new conversions, from trusted manufacturers like Toyota, Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Dodge and GMC. All of our authorized dealers offer a mobility rebate, designed to lessen the cost of your conversion vehicle. Whether you choose a pre-owned or new conversion vehicle, True Mobility is here to help. We also stock many of the finest quality used mobility vehicles in the Mid-Atlantic Region – Call 888-398-2267 for availability and prices.


Lowered Floor Minivans

Lowered floor minivans are the number one choice when shopping for a accessible van. Lowered floor minivans provide a ramp for ingress and egress.  Lowered floor minivans provide style, comfort, and drivability to meet your needs.

Our top seller is the Amerivan from Eldorado. Amerivan is the only accessible conversion with a stainless steel floor pan and front entry steps with a 1,000 lb. capacity.  Hand controls, electronic lock-downs, and a transfer seat can be easily added . We keep Amerivans in stock so we can keep you moving.

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Full Size Mobility Vans

If your lifestyle includes 6 plus seating capacity, the ability to tow, oversize wheelchair access, extended cargo capacity, truly custom interior appointments or even “non-minivan” driver desires – then a full size conversion van may be the right accessible transportation choice for you. Full size conversion vans are available on both Ford and GM chassis, and both manufacturers offer a mobility rebate on new vans that have mobility modifications. Recent additions to this market include the Nissan NV Van and the Transit Connect from Ford.

Conversions come in many configurations and levels of luxury. Lowered floors, raised roofs, raised doors, choice of lifts and multiple power options enable you to literally custom design the machine of your dreams. So, if a wide screen television, custom graphics, loads of storage space, hauling your boat or almost anything else that you can imagine is a priority.

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Commercial Mobility Vehicles

Safety and reliability are the two most important features of a commercial transport vehicle. All of our vehicles come standard with proven technology, like aircraft quality tie downs, rugged floor coverings and reliable ingress/egress devices. There are many styles to choose from – lowered floor minivans, full size vans with custom configurations through minibuses, we always find the right solution to your needs. We would be happy to help train your drivers and attendants on the proper usage of these vehicles.

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